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You probably know that air conditioning and heating system tuneups extend the life of your Shelby, North Carolina, HVAC equipment and are the key to energy efficiency. Preventive maintenance also saves you money on heating and air conditioning repairs, HVAC replacements, unexpected equipment breakdowns and emergency service. What you might not know is that with an annual service agreement, you can save even more. Here’s what you might be missing out on without a service plan:

Free 24/7 Priority Service

HVAC equipment tends to break down when the weather is at its worst. That’s when these systems are working their hardest and under maximum stress. That’s also when HVAC service technicians are at their busiest, and if your system goes down, you might be waiting a while for a technician to get it up and running. With our free priority service, an HVAC technician is dispatched to your home within 24 hours of your call.

20 Percent Off Repairs and Replacement Parts

No one likes to pay for heating or air conditioning repairs, but with 20 percent off labor and replacement parts, you’ll be paying less. These discounts can come in handy if you have an older system that’s no longer under warranty and needs periodic repair work due to normal wear and tear.

Avoid up to 95 Percent of HVAC Breakdowns and Associated Costs

HVAC breakdowns are expensive; at the least you’ll be paying for a repair, and at worst you’ll be replacing a system. With a preventive maintenance plan, you’ll get an air conditioning and heating system tuneup every year, so your HVAC technician can catch and correct irregularities before they damage your equipment. Because maintenance optimizes your equipment for energy efficiency, you’ll be saving money on operating costs too.

Get Discounts on New Installations

Some service plans come with discounts on new heating and air conditioning installations. This can save you money on unexpected system replacements or if you’re planning to replace your existing system with a high-efficiency unit.

At CSI Mechanical, our HVAC service agreements come with all these perks and more. Call us at (704) 600-6267 to learn more about HVAC preventive maintenance plans in the Shelby, North Carolina, area.

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