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Shelby, North Carolina, winters can pack a punch, and you don’t want your heating system going out on a stormy, snowy night. The best way to prevent that is to schedule a heating system tuneup before the cold weather sets in. Here are three reasons why you’ll be glad you did:

1. Heat Pump or Furnace Maintenance Equals Energy-efficient Operation

The more efficient a heater is, the less you’ll pay for energy costs. Studies indicate that poor maintenance can increase operating costs by 30 to 60 percent. That represents a considerable expense. Instead, you could schedule a heating tuneup and save on energy costs instead.

2. Heater Tuneups Mean Fewer Potential HVAC Repairs During Cold Weather

Research also indicates that annual heating maintenance can reduce unanticipated system breakdowns by up to 95 percent. That’s because your service technician can find potential problems and fix them before they escalate. Worn belts and hoses, frayed electrical connections, clogged condensate lines and grimy buildup on your equipment can all cause serious damage and costly repairs if not addressed promptly.

3. Heating System Maintenance Translates Into Greater Indoor Comfort

A well-maintained heating system will heat your home more effectively because it will be operating optimally. A heater cannot deliver consistent indoor comfort if it doesn’t get the care it needs. A unit that receives poor maintenance will perform poorly, even when it’s a newer system. Heater tuneups can eliminate hot and cold spots, short-cycling, indoor air pollution, dry indoor air and other issues that reduce indoor comfort.

Well-maintained heaters in Shelby, North Carolina, are healthy heaters, and the longer your system is healthy, the longer you can wait to replace it. At CSI Mechanical, we offer value-added heat pump or furnace maintenance services, and our annual service agreements come with even more benefits: You’ll get 20 percent off labor and replacement parts, an energy-saving coil cleaning, 10 percent off a new installation and free 24/7 priority service. Call us at (704) 600-6267 to learn more.

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