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Ductless Air Conditioner Installation and Services for the Greater Shelby, NC Area

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Ductless air conditioners, also called mini-splits, are the perfect solution if you’re installing a sunroom, building an addition or addressing rooms that are never as comfortable as you would like. These energy-efficient HVAC systems solve the most common heating and cooling dilemmas. They offer fast installation and low operating costs. They also eliminate the messy and labor-intensive process of refitting ducts in existing homes. With a mini-split system, you can easily add heat and air conditioning to new or existing rooms.

Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioners

In other parts of the world, particularly in Europe and Asia, ductless air conditioners have been popular for decades, but people in the U.S. are finally catching on to their many benefits. Here are a few reasons why our customers choose mini-split systems:

  • Ductless HVAC units are up to 35 percent more efficient compared to conventional heat pumps, so the operating cost is very low.
  • One outdoor compressor can power up to five independently controlled air handlers to create multiple comfort zones.
  • You can control the temperature and fan speed in each zone. If you aren’t using a room, you can turn the temperature back or shut off the unit.
  • The equipment is completely modular. Your HVAC contractor can build a system that fits your home and your lifestyle, and it can be expanded later.
  • A ductless heat pump or air conditioner is perfect for upgrading one area without altering your existing HVAC system or ductwork.
  • Installation is faster, easier and less invasive because there’s no need to add air ducts.
  • Because ductwork is completely eliminated, the air doesn’t escape before it reaches the space that you want to heat or cool.
  • They’re great for allergy sufferers because there’s nowhere for contaminants to hide.
  • Indoor air handlers are available in multiple styles with mounting options for walls and ceilings.
  • Trane’s ductless heat pumps perform optimally in extreme temperatures ranging from 22 below zero to 129 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Installation Process for Mini-Splits

Whether you’re adding central heating and air conditioning to a new addition or existing home, mini-split AC systems are much more flexible compared to conventional units, especially in areas where adding ducts would be impractical. They’re an excellent alternative when the existing system is running at full capacity.

The installation process is fast and noninvasive. Our experienced installers will position the outdoor unit, attach the indoor air handler, connect the refrigerant lines and charge the system. The refrigerant line runs through an exterior wall, so one small hole is all that’s required. For best results, have an experienced contractor like CSI Mechanical install the ductless equipment in your home. That way, you’ll be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty and installer’s satisfaction guarantee.

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we’ll make sure that you receive excellent service before, during and after the installation. Call CSI Mechanical to learn more about mini-split AC units or to request an on-site estimate at your home or business in Shelby, Patterson Springs, Light Oak, Cherryville, Fallston, Forest City, Gastonia, King’s Mountain, Lawndale, Lincolnton, Polkville, Spindale, NC or surrounding area.

CSI Mechanical is family owned, and has been providing respectful, dependable, honest and reliable custom HVAC service for all home and business owners for over 60 years. Our pricing is competitive and fair with no hidden or surprising cost. We want you to be 100-percent satisfied with our service.

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