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Indoor Air Quality Products and Services for Shelby, NC & Surrounding Areas

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Today, you can enjoy greater comfort and fewer allergy symptoms in your Shelby, Patterson Springs, Light Oak, Cherryville, Fallston, Forest City, Gastonia, King’s Mountain, Lawndale, Lincolnton, Polkville, Spindale, NC, or surrounding area home or business. There are a number of products like whole-house ventilators and filtration systems that clean the air and eliminate common allergy triggers. Now, you can target the root of the problem to get relief.

These indoor air quality products work in concert with your existing air conditioning system or blower. Your CSI Mechanical technician can even install the equipment within the ductwork in your attic or basement to save space. Whenever your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump is on, all of the air in your home will be cleaned silently. You won’t notice the filtration equipment running, but you will definitely feel the difference in your air quality.

Cleaning the Air and Cracking Down on Indoor Allergens

Whole-house air purifiers can dramatically improve the quality of your indoor air. Advanced filtration systems capture pollen, pet dander, dust, mold spores and many other common allergens. These air quality products solve a handful of problems that plague allergy sufferers.

A properly functioning AC unit should remove enough humidity to control mold and dust mites in your home. If you’re battling excessive moisture, have CSI Mechanical inspect your cooling system, flush the condensate drain and perform seasonal maintenance. Other products are available for controlling persistent mold, mildew, and germs that breed in the damp recesses of your HVAC unit.

Air Cleaners, Humidifiers, and Indoor Air Quality Equipment

State-of-the-art equipment is available for addressing the most common indoor air quality challenges. Today, specially designed products remove pollutants, kill viruses and control indoor humidity. Here are a few of the indoor air quality products that we can install in your home or business.

  • Air cleaners and purifiers trap and disable common allergens like pollen and pet dander. Germicidal air purifiers also destroy bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other microbes so that the air will be healthier.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) lamps destroy viruses and germs that live within HVAC units. These accessories eliminate the cause of dirty sock syndrome, which is a bacteria-related odor that’s noticeable when the air conditioner is running.
  • Energy-recovery ventilators exchange indoor and outdoor air efficiently to reduce the concentration of common pollutants. These units contain a heat exchanger that cools and dehumidifies the fresh air during the summer and warms it during the winter.
  • Air humidifiers release water vapor to improve your comfort in the winter. Adding extra moisture will actually make your home feel warmer on cold days.

Customized Indoor Air Quality Solutions

For customized indoor air quality solutions, call the pros at CSI Mechanical. Our experts will help you remove allergens, control excess humidity and enjoy cleaner, healthier indoor air every day.

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